National Jewish Assembly Strongly Condemns Dilly Hussain’s Abhorrent Endorsement of Violence Against Jews

The National Jewish Assembly (NJA) unequivocally condemns Dilly Hussain’s egregious and reprehensible endorsement of violence against Jews. Hussain is a British-born Islamist from Bangladesh, who works as the Deputy Editor of ‘5 Pillars’ – a registered charity in the UK (“FIVE PILLARS LIMITED”
Charity number: 1082626).

Hussain recently took to X (formerly Twitter) to post a video depicting a disturbing incident at a Russian airport in Dagestan, where pro-Palestinian protesters attempted a pogrom by hunting Jewish individuals arriving from Israel.

In response to this disturbing video, Hussain suggested, “This is the kind of welcome ALL Israelis should be receiving at the airports of Muslim-majority countries.” This declaration is not merely offensive; it is a blatant call to incite violence against innocent individuals based solely on their nationality, ethnicity, and/or religion.

In video footage from the attempted pogrom, the pro-Palestine mob is seen storming the airport and tarmac, hunting for Jews, and interrogating passengers to discern whether they were Jewish.

The NJA vehemently denounces Hussain’s antisemitic rhetoric, which clearly calls for harm against Jews, and his vile endorsement of pro-Palestine pogroms.

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