National Jewish Assembly commends EJA on successful annual conference

The National Jewish Assembly (NJA) congratulates the European Jewish Association (EJA) on the resounding success of its annual conference, held in Porto on May 15, 2023. Under the theme “Shaping the future of European Jewry together,” the conference brought together leaders and representatives from Jewish communities across Europe to address pressing issues and forge a path towards a vibrant and secure Jewish future on the continent.

The NJA extends its sincere appreciation to Rabbi Menachem Margolin, Chairman, and Founder of the EJA, for his visionary leadership in organising such a significant and impactful event. Rabbi Margolin’s dedication to promoting Jewish unity, strengthening Jewish identity, and defending Jewish rights is exemplary and serves as an inspiration to us all.

The NJA proudly sent a delegation to the conference, including Managing Director Steve Winston and NJA Vice Chairmen Laurence Julius and Keith Rowe. They actively participated in panel discussions, workshops, and networking sessions, sharing their expertise and insights on topics of relevance to British and European Jewry.

Managing Director Steve Winston said, “This conference succeeded in bringing together representatives from across Europe and the UK, and highlighted that, no matter how large or small our respective national communities are, we all share the same common challenges. It was an invaluable experience and made it clear that, as per the intentions of the EJA’s conference, we are indeed one, and together we are stronger.”

Vice Chairman Laurence Julius remarked that the conference, “bought home the challenges we all face to shape a stronger Jewish community in Europe. We have similar issues on retaking our youth, challenges at university, antisemitism morphing into anti Zionism, the challenges of the media and social media. Having seen we all face the same challenges is the start – we now need to share best practices and work collectively on the challenges. But it will not be an easy journey. I was very impressed with what the community in Oporto have built – it shows we all can contribute whether big or small.”

Vice Chairman Keith Rowe added, “Community leaders from every conceivable part of Europe came together to feely discuss a range of issues both formally and informally. Extremely valuable contacts, some of whom are now firm friends, were made and ideas for future collaborations formulated. Kol hakavod to the organisers.”

The NJA commends the EJA for its efforts in promoting Jewish life, culture, and values throughout Europe. The conference provided a platform to discuss pressing challenges, including combating antisemitism, safeguarding Jewish heritage, and fostering interfaith understanding. By bringing together diverse voices and perspectives, the EJA has demonstrated its commitment to inclusivity and collective action.

The success of the annual conference is a testament to the unwavering commitment of the EJA to the well-being and flourishing of Jewish communities across Europe. The NJA stands in solidarity with the EJA and its ongoing efforts to address the needs and aspirations of European Jewry.

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