National Jewish Assembly Hosts Timely Event Envisaging Gaza After Hamas

The National Jewish Assembly is pleased to announce the success of another speaker event via Zoom on November 9, 2023. The event, titled “Gaza after Hamas,” brought together renowned experts and thought leaders to discuss the complex and pressing issue of Gaza’s future post-Hamas era.

Chaired by Natasha Hausdorff, Director of UK Lawyers For Israel, the event featured distinguished guests Lieutenant Colonel Maurice Hirsch and advocate Yifa Segal.

Lieutenant Colonel Maurice Hirsch, Director of the Palestinian Authority Accountability Initiative at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, provided valuable insights into the security landscape of the Gaza Strip.

Yifa Segal, the Managing Director of Hetz for Israel and a Research Fellow at the Jerusalem Institute for Strategy and Security, raised profound considerations in planning Gaza’s future.

Hirsch noted that Palestinian terrorism directed at Israel is a “function of the systematic brainwashing and demonisation of Israel that the Palestinian Authority has been teaching its people for the last 30 years. They are the problem” and raised concerns about precisely which Palestinian factions would lead in Hamas’ wake. Hirsch also articulated the crux of the problem, in that the Israeli-Hamas war is not a territorial dispute, but rather an existential one, and therefore can not be easily resolved through territorial concessions.

Segal challenged the notion of an “international community” and suggested that thinking of “partners” was more productive in assessing who could support better governance and the rebuilding of Gaza after Hamas. She also addressed the “new realisation in the Arab world about wanting to get closer to Israel” with an accompanying recognition that the failed Palestinian leadership is hindering its own cause.

There was broad agreement that Israel must play a leading role in the security infrastructure to ensure that Hamas can not regain control, not will Gaza ever again present a security threat to Israel.

The event sparked a thought-provoking discussion on potential paths forward for Gaza, with a focus on creating a more positive and productive environment that encourages coexistence and cooperation.

The National Jewish Assembly extends its gratitude to the speakers, attendees, and all those who contributed to making this event a success.

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