National Jewish Assembly Hosts Panel With International Law Experts

The National Jewish Assembly (NJA) is pleased to announce the success of its recent event, “Demystifying the ICJ Case Against Israel: Expert Insights & Projections,” held on Tuesday, 13th February via Zoom. The event featured renowned international legal experts Andrew Tucker (The Hague Initiative for International Cooperation), Natasha Hausdorff (UK Lawyers for Israel), and Arsen Ostrovsky (The International Legal Forum), who provided invaluable insights into the International Court of Justice (ICJ) case brought by South Africa against Israel.

With over 180 guests and moderated by NJA Chairman Gary Mond, the event delved into the complex legal landscape surrounding the ICJ case and its implications for the Jewish state. Natasha Hausdorff shed light on South Africa’s concerted effort to establish an evidentiary precedent by providing evidence to the ICJ, aimed at empowering legal cases against Israel in other courts. This strategic manoeuvre was discussed in detail, highlighting the potential ramifications for Israel’s legal defense against ongoing challenges.

Andrew Tucker condemned the ICJ’s controversial inversion of the status of the indigenous people in the region, as well as its attempts to delegitimise Israel through rulings on the status of Judea and Samaria, and Jerusalem. His insightful analysis underscored the broader implications of the ICJ’s decisions on Israel’s sovereignty and the challenges it poses to the Jewish state’s legal standing.

Arsen Ostrovsky illuminated the pernicious nature of lawfare and its detrimental impact on Israel’s international standing. He highlighted the insidious attempts to undermine Israel through legal means, emphasising the importance of countering such efforts through strategic advocacy and legal defense.

The event provided attendees with a comprehensive understanding of the legal complexities surrounding the ICJ case against Israel and underscored the importance of vigilance in defending Israel against malicious campaigns aimed at its delegitimisation.

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