National Jewish Assembly Condemns Judge’s Troubling Ruling in Hamas Paraglider Images Case

The National Jewish Assembly (NJA) vehemently condemns the troubling ruling by Judge Ikram in the recent case involving three women convicted of supporting Hamas during a pro-Palestinian march in London on October 14.

Despite overwhelming evidence and the seriousness of the charges, Judge Ikram’s decision to downplay the defendants’ actions and grant them a conditional discharge for 12 months is deeply concerning and undermines the fight against terrorism and extremism. It is further concerning that Judge Ikram appears to be applying a double standard in his verdict, when compared to previous cases involving. In those cases, including a high-profile one in 2023 involving WhatsApp messages, Judge Ikram issued a considerably stronger verdict compared to these Hamas sympathisers.

In a baffling display of leniency, Judge Ikram disregarded the prosecution’s assertion that the defendants acted deliberately or maliciously in displaying images of paragliders, which were used by Hamas during its invasion of Israel on October 7. Defence counsel Mark Summers KC rightfully argued that it was preposterous to suggest such intentions, yet Judge Ikram chose to reject the prosecution’s assertion without sufficient justification.

The revelation that one of the defendants, Heba Alhayek, hails from Gaza and was granted refugee status in the UK after facing persecution by Hamas further underscores the gravity of the situation. Instead of recognising the dangers posed by Hamas and its supporters, Judge Ikram’s decision sends a dangerous message that undermines efforts to combat terrorism and protect innocent lives.

Furthermore, Judge Ikram’s dismissal of the significance of the images worn by the defendants, despite their clear association with Hamas, is deeply troubling. By downplaying the seriousness of the offence and failing to hold the defendants accountable, Judge Ikram has failed to uphold the principles of justice and security.

The NJA calls for a thorough review of Judge Ikram’s ruling and urges the judicial system to take decisive action to ensure that individuals who support terrorist organisations are held accountable for their actions. Terrorism and extremism have no place in civilised society, and it is imperative that the rule of law prevails in combating these threats.

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