National Jewish Assembly Condemns Disruption of Liverpool Street Train Station by Pro-Palestinian Activists

The National Jewish Assembly expresses its deep concern and condemnation regarding the recent disruption of London’s Liverpool Street train station by over 500 pro-Palestinian activists. The sit-in, organised by the campaign group Sisters Uncut, took place on Tuesday evening and left Jewish and many other passengers feeling intimidated and seeking alternative transportation options.

While the protest claimed to advocate for a ceasefire in response to the conflict between Israel and Hamas in Gaza, it regrettably featured chants of “From the river to the sea,” which have been associated with calls for the elimination of the state of Israel. It should be noted that the demands for a ceasefire are a tacit endorsement of the status quo, in which Hamas continues to control Gaza, abuse Gazans, and is able to rearm itself to continue carrying out terror attacks against Israel.

NJA Managing Director Steve Winston said, “Yesterday’s brazen disruption of Liverpool Street train station is a stark reminder that the path to peace and understanding must never be obstructed by actions that leave passengers, including members of the Jewish community, feeling intimidated and distressed. We unequivocally denounce such behaviour.”

During the demonstration, speeches were given by activists from the hardline Palestinian Youth Movement and members of the far-left International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network, who are in no way representative of the British Jewish community.

Transport Secretary Mark Harper has rightly expressed concern about the disruption caused by the protest. The NJA trusts that British Transport Police will thoroughly investigate the matter and take appropriate action to ensure the safety and well-being of all passengers in the future.

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