Supporting Israel

Like most Jewish people, we have a very strong connection to Israel. It is today one of the most democratic countries in the world, with multiple political parties running in general elections, a highly respected liberal Supreme Court and full press freedoms.

In addition, Israel is recognised as an innovative world leader in cyber-security, technology, artificial intelligence and medical research. It is additionally responsible for the mobile phone, USB flash drive, solar energy, electric cars, satnav systems, the iron dome, numerous Nobel Prize winners…and of course Wonder Woman!

Yet attempts to delegitimise and demonise Israel with misinformation, edited videos and outrageous lies are sadly growing across the world. Indeed, Israel has suffered from many terrorist attacks, and continues to do so, whilst Iran calls regularly for its total annihilation.

As the only ever capital city of the Jewish people throughout its ancient history, the NJA unequivocally recognises Jerusalem / Yerushalayim as the eternal capital of Israel.

The NJA will commit to supporting the State of Israel, but without interfering in the country’s internal politics or foreign affairs which are a matter for Israeli citizens only. We will provide insights and factual explanations about Israel in a detailed and informed way.

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