Free Speech does not include spreading lies and incitement


At a time when anti-Jewish hatred is rapidly rising across the world, we are disappointed that the free speech television news channel “GB News” invited Peter Imanuelsen onto the Neil Oliver Saturday night show on 27 August.

In 2017 it was revealed by the anti-racism charity “Hope Not Hate” that Imanuelsen was responsible for a number of tweets under the name Peter Sweden.

These included: “The claim that 6 million Jews were gassed seems highly unprobable” and “The concentration camps didn’t have the facilities for that.”

He also tweeted several extreme posts concerning the Jews: “The globalists (mainly Jews) are the ones bringing Muslims into Europe” and “Judaism is the antichrist religion.”

Later in 2016 Imanuelson claimed the antisemitic forgery, the Protocols of the Elders of Zion was “the Jews own text on Jewish supremism.”

James Marlow who was a regular news contributor for GB News when it launched in June 2021 said, “Although we believe in free speech and the right to state views, it most definitely does not apply to incitement, spreading lies and encouraging rising anti Jewish hatred.”

Marlow who is now the Chief Executive of the National Jewish Assembly continued, “Something clearly when wrong when a booker for GB News made the wrong call and confirmed Peter Imanuelsen for the Neil Oliver show.

GB News initially posted a clip of Imanuelsen on social media, described as a “journalist and political commentator” where he was discussing a population decline in the West.

But GB News later deleted the clip after anger mounted over the decision to invite him onto the show grew on twitter and Facebook.

Imanuelsen, who was born in Norway, built up a large following on social media channels such as You Tube, where he often aired his extreme views

He denied he claimed the Holocaust was a lie but confirmed “my views are very different today and I strongly regret things I have said when I was young.”

A GB News spokesperson said on Sunday, “We’ve been made aware that Peter Sweden, also known as Peter Imanuelsen, who appeared on GB News yesterday to talk about falling birth rates, has been accused of being a holocaust denier. “As a result of this information, we have removed clips of Mr Sweden’s interview from our website and our social media channels while we investigate. “GB News abhors antisemitism and all other forms of racism.”

Pictured below is GB News Presenter Nana Akua and James Marlow


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