Congratulations to Prime Minister Liz Truss

The National Jewish Assembly is delighted to congratulates Liz Truss on becoming leader of the Conservative Party and Prime Minister.

Prime Minister Truss has demonstrated she is a strong supporter of Israel and the Jewish community in the UK, and we very much look forward to working with her on matters of enhancing our security against those who wish to do us harm, fighting the war against Jew-hatred and protecting all aspects of Jewish life.

Indeed, the cooperation and trade deals signed in the past few years between Britain and Israel have risen in value to many billions of pounds. We hope that both this and the excellent relations between the two countries will grow even further under the new Prime Minister.

Finally, the Prime Minister said she would look at the subject of moving the British Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and we await with interest the outcome of her review and decision. The adoption of a more sympathetic attitude to Israel’s case both at the United Nations and in other arenas of government policy is essential in a world of growing hatred.

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