Violence increases tonight on the streets of Tel Aviv

With a wave of recent terror attacks in Israel, the Russian invasion of Ukraine which threatens to derail Israel’s periodic operations in Syria, keeping out arms shipments and Iranian forces from its border, a pandemic that has killed 10,555 in Israel to date, and now the coalition government appears to be slowly falling apart, what next?

Sadly, tonight we learnt of yet another murderous attack in the heart of downtown Tel Aviv on Dizengoff Street where three Israelis have been shot dead and several injured.

In what has become common, vile and hateful behaviour, social media has been rife with support for the terrorists. The National Jewish Assembly is once again calling upon social media platforms to do more, to shut down accounts of hatred and support for murderous acts of terrorism.

The incitement and encouragement of further attacks against Jewish people living in Israel is a growing phenomenon and companies like Twitter and Facebook can and must do more to make their platforms a safer place for all.


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