The UNHRC: The Horror Story Continues

The horror story of the Human Rights Council continues as the United Nations body ignored calls from western nations, including Britain, to cease its objective of singling out Israel.

The Council met again in Geneva on Monday for a Committee of Inquiry (COI) on Israel and the result was a complete demonisation of the Jewish State.

Human rights lawyer for NGO Monitor in Jerusalem, Anne Herzberg, flew to London from Geneva and addressed a joint meeting of Report (UK), the UK charitable arm of NGO Monitor, and the National Jewish Assembly and gave a detailed description of how the UNHRC operates.

Out of the 80 NGOs with UN status in Geneva, only five are pro-Israel. The commissioners are elected based on their criticism of Israel and Anne explained that at one meeting, when she left for a short time, she was refused re-entry unless “I would call Israel an apartheid state”.

The purpose of these bodies is to collect “evidence” against Israel, so the courts, including the International Criminal Court(ICC) in the Hague will prosecute leading Israeli figures using these UN reports.

“The Palestinians have now joined many of these organisations but instead of trying to help their own cause, they pressure nations to condemn Israel as an apartheid occupying state” Anne said.

Anne’s presentation shone a spotlight onto this coordinated attack from the UNHRC, Amnesty International and several other human rights groups, including some based in Israel, emphasising that their purpose is to isolate the Jewish State and reshape the agenda by influencing the media, politicians, and the general public, especially university students, to believe that Israel is guilty of all manner of ills and therefore undeserving of the right to exist as a sovereign state for the Jewish people.

Yet as usual, there are no words about Hamas rockets, no condemnation of Palestinian terror attacks, no comment on Palestinian incitement and indoctrination, no comment on the flagrant violations of human rights perpetrated by the Palestinian Authority and Hamas against their own people, and no comment on the many opportunities that the Palestinians have had to have a state of their own.

Steve Winston, Vice Chairman of the National Jewish Assembly, described the UNHRC as having been “hijacked by member states, many of whom are serial violators of human rights themselves. They are obsessed with the demonisation of Israel and this latest warped attempt to promote more false and malicious narratives against the Jewish state will not bring any positive change for the Palestinian people”.

Many of the western nations, including Britain, USA, Canada, Germany, and most of Europe refused to be part of this UNHRC sham. Sadly, Ireland felt it necessary to support the anti-Israel agenda.

The National Jewish Assembly thank Nizza Fluss for hosting this important event.

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