NJA Supports Proposed Exclusion Zones to Protect UK Defence Sites from Illegal Protests

The National Jewish Assembly (NJA) welcomes the UK government’s consideration of establishing protective buffer zones around defence factories and power plants, as recommended in Lord John Woodcock’s forthcoming review. This measure, aimed at safeguarding vital national infrastructure from the escalating threats posed by pro-Palestinian and environmental activists, is crucial for maintaining national security and ensuring the uninterrupted operation of these facilities.

Lord Woodcock’s review highlights the urgent need for enhanced security measures to combat the illegal and increasingly violent protests that have targeted key defence and energy sectors. His recommendations come in the wake of several high-profile attacks, including a disruptive incident at UAV Tactical Systems in Leicestershire, which was targeted by Palestine Action under false accusations of supplying the Israeli military.

The NJA condemns these actions, which not only threaten the safety of employees but also undermine the economic stability and security of the entire nation. Vice Chairman Laurence Julius of the NJA stated, “The ongoing campaigns by groups such as Palestine Action, which utilise disinformation and engage in criminal activities, pose a significant threat not just to specific companies but to public safety and national interests. It is imperative that we support measures that protect our industries and their contributions to national defence and energy security.”

Moreover, the report’s call for speedy implementation of exclusion orders to shut down unlawful protests reflects a necessary step towards restoring order and ensuring that legitimate business activities can proceed without fear of sabotage or harassment.

The NJA expresses its gratitude to the authorities and Lord Woodcock for their diligent efforts in addressing these security challenges. The NJA urges the government to adopt these recommendations swiftly, to ensure the protection of defence and energy sectors that are not only pivotal to our national security but also to the UK’s economic resilience.

While the NJA continues to support peaceful and lawful expressions of opinion, it firmly oppose any actions that cross into illegality and jeopardise the safety and well-being of individuals and critical infrastructure. The NJA stands with all sectors affected by these disruptions and advocate for solutions that uphold both security and democratic values.

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