NJA Outraged Over Antisemitic Incident Involving Rabbi Arnold Saunders

The National Jewish Assembly (NJA) vehemently condemns the appalling antisemitic abuse directed at Rabbi Arnold Saunders during his visit to the Bilal Mosque in Prestwich. This shocking incident exemplifies the unbridled antisemitism that has become normalised in society, especially since October 7, where vile hate speech has replaced civil discourse.

Rabbi Saunders, a Conservative parliamentary candidate for Bury South and a respected communal figure, was subjected to an aggressive verbal assault by a Muslim worshipper at the mosque. The man accused the rabbi of justifying the killing of children and demanded he condemn the IDF and Israel’s actions in Gaza.

Gary Mond, Chairman of the NJA, stated, “The abhorrent treatment of Rabbi Saunders is unacceptable and must be addressed with the utmost seriousness. The hateful rhetoric directed at him is not only an attack on his person but an attack on the entire Jewish community. It is imperative that the police thoroughly investigate this incident and ensure that such blatant antisemitism is met with appropriate consequences.”

The NJA insists that this incident be a wake-up call for politicians and civil society to address the growing sectarianism in our politics. The normalisation of antisemitic rhetoric cannot be tolerated. It is crucial to reaffirm our commitment to fostering a respectful and inclusive society where all individuals, regardless of their background, can participate in democratic processes without fear of intimidation or violence.

“We stand with Rabbi Saunders and the Jewish community in Bury South,” continued Mond. “This is not just about one individual; it is about fighting back against a culture of hate that threatens the fabric of our society. We demand immediate action from law enforcement and call on community leaders to join us in condemning this vile act.”

The NJA remains steadfast in its mission to combat antisemitism and support the Jewish community. Mond and his organisation vows to continue to advocate for stronger measures to protect against hate crimes and ensure that the voices of Jewish people are heard and respected in all spheres of public life.

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