The NJA objects to King’s College student’s condemnation of CAMERA UK

The National Jewish Assembly strongly condemns the recent comments made by the student group Liberate KCL at King’s College London, accusing the campus wing of the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting and Analysis (CAMERA UK) of promoting white supremacy. These accusations are baseless and unfounded, and the NJA stands in support of CAMERA and their efforts to promote accuracy in reporting on the Middle East.

It is deeply concerning to see such hateful and discriminatory language being used against a group that is dedicated to promoting accurate reporting on the Middle East. Accusations of white supremacy and apartheid against Israel are not only false, but they also perpetuate harmful stereotypes and discrimination against Jewish staff and students on campus.

As an organization dedicated to promoting accurate reporting on the Middle East, CAMERA has been subject to unjustified attacks from various groups in the past. However, the recent accusations from Liberate KCL are particularly alarming and demonstrate a concerning trend of discrimination and intolerance on campus.

The NJA affirms its solidarity with CAMERA and pro-Israel students, as well as all Jewish staff and students at King’s College London who have been targeted by these unjustified attacks. The NJA calls on all members of the university community to speak out against discrimination and to work towards promoting a culture of respect and inclusion on campus.

It is the hope of the NJA that the university administration and the King’s College London Students’ Union will take swift and decisive action to address these incidents and ensure that all members of the university community are treated with respect and dignity.

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