NJA Objects to Establishment Diaspora Organizations Interfering in Israel’s Domestic Political Affairs

The National Jewish Assembly stands in solidarity with Israel and its people. The NJA believes that Israel must remain a Jewish and democratic state and recognises and respects the diaspora’s position while being deeply invested in Israel’s survival and well-being.

The NJA expresses serious concern over the recent interference of diaspora organisations in Israel’s domestic political affairs. The governing coalition’s proposals to make reforms in the relationship between the Knesset and the judiciary are matters for the Israeli people to decide, not diaspora organisations.

At most, the British Jewish community should hope for Israeli decision-makers to engage in genuine dialogue to allow for a national consensus to emerge, which is oriented towards the betterment of the state and its people, and it is in this regard that the NJA draws attention to Israel’s President Herzog’s ongoing efforts to encourage all sides to meet and to find a consensual way to move forward.

The NJA calls on diaspora organisations to respect Israel’s sovereignty and democratic process and allow the Israeli people to determine their own future.

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