National Jewish Assembly Extends Gratitude to Retiring MP Mike Freer

The National Jewish Assembly (NJA) stands in solidarity with Mike Freer, the veteran Member of Parliament, as he announces his retirement from frontline politics. His steadfast support for Israel and commitment to his constituents have been unwavering throughout his tenure, earning our deepest appreciation.

Mr. Freer’s decision to step down is deeply saddening, driven by a harrowing campaign of death threats and intimidation aimed at him due to his pro-Israel stance. The escalating threats culminated in a reprehensible arson attack on his constituency office in December, which was a clear attack on democratic values and freedom of expression.

The NJA vehemently condemns these vile acts of intimidation and violence against Mr. Freer. No individual, regardless of their political views, should be subjected to such threats and aggression. The NJA expresses its profound concern for Mr. Freer’s security and well-being.

Mike Freer’s service to his constituents and his dedication to the cause of Israel have been commendable. He has been a vocal advocate for justice and has tirelessly worked towards fostering understanding and cooperation among diverse communities.

The NJA acknowledges the challenging environment in which Mr. Freer and other MPs have been working, with the alarming rise in threats against public figures in recent years. This disturbing trend highlights the urgent need for enhanced security measures and a robust response to those who seek to intimidate and harm individuals based on their support for Israel.

We call on the authorities to thoroughly investigate and bring the perpetrators of these threats and the arson attack to justice. It is essential that democratic institutions continue to function without fear or intimidation.

As Mr. Freer embarks on a new chapter in his life, the NJA extends its heartfelt appreciation for his unwavering support for Israel and his dedication to public service. The NJA hopes that his retirement will provide him with the peace and security he deserves after enduring years of threats and harassment.

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