National Jewish Assembly hosts insightful event with Dean Elsdunne, International Spokesperson for Israel Police

The National Jewish Assembly (NJA) proudly organized and hosted a successful virtual event featuring Dean Elsdunne, International Spokesperson for the Israel Police, as the esteemed guest speaker. The event, titled “Truth vs Perception of the Israel Police: Bridging the Gap,” drew an engaged audience of over 30 NJA members and guests.

Elsdunne’s insightful presentation covered a wide range of topics, offering valuable insights into the contemporary challenges faced by the Israel Police. He emphasized the critical importance of seeking the truth in media reporting and narratives to counter the spread of incorrect and biased information that can distort the activities and intentions of the Israel Police.

During the event, Elsdunne addressed questions from the audience, fostering an open and informative discussion. Among the topics discussed were recent violent clashes involving members of the Eritrean community in Israel, showcasing the Israel Police’s commitment to maintaining peace and order in a diverse society.

Furthermore, Elsdunne provided valuable insights into emerging issues such as cryptocurrency financing of crime and terrorism, shedding light on the Israel Police’s efforts to stay ahead of evolving criminal tactics. He also elaborated on Israel’s relationship with INTERPOL and its implications for international law enforcement cooperation.

The NJA is proud to have facilitated this event, which promoted constructive dialogue and greater understanding of the challenges and responsibilities faced by the Israel Police. The NJA extends its gratitude to Elsdunne for his informative and engaging presentation, and wishes the Israel Police kol hakavod in its challenging work. The NJA remains dedicated to hosting events that educate and enlighten the community on matters of significance, and details of all upcoming events can be found on the NJA website.

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