National Jewish Assembly hosts successful event with Christian Wakeford MP addressing the Labour Party and the Jewish community

The National Jewish Assembly (NJA) is delighted to announce the success of a recent event featuring Christian Wakeford MP, who engaged in a candid and informative discussion with NJA Chairman Gary Mond. This event provided a platform for vital conversations surrounding issues affecting the Jewish community, antisemitism, political affiliations, and opposition to antisemitic rhetoric. Attendees also had the opportunity to pose questions to Wakeford during the Q and A session.

Wakeford demonstrated his deep understanding of the Jewish community’s aspirations and concerns, especially relating to antisemitism in the UK.

One of the key highlights of the event was Wakeford’s unequivocal stance against antisemitism, both in the United Kingdom and globally, and identified that anti-Zionism is indeed antisemitism.

Wakeford discussed the Labour party’s “zero tolerance” policy for antisemitism within its ranks, emphasising the party’s dedication to eradicating antisemitism and creating a safe environment for all members. He reassured attendees that thorough measures were being taken to address and mitigate antisemitism within the party.

Wakeford also delved into his decision to cross the political aisle, offering insights into his motivations for joining the Labour party, and his hopes for the future of the party.

NJA Chairman Gary Mond asked Wakeford about his strong opposition earlier in 2023 to Roger Waters’ antisemitic displays, motifs, and rhetoric during his performances. Wakeford affirmed that such expressions of hatred have no place in society and should be unequivocally condemned.

The NJA is grateful to Christian Wakeford MP for his participation in this insightful and constructive event. The NJA believes that open and informed discussions like these are crucial for addressing the challenges faced by the Jewish community and for conveying the concerns of the community directly to decision makers.

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