Over 15,000 support the National Jewish Assembly and partners campaign to cancel Roger Waters’ performances

The National Jewish Assembly, in collaboration with the West Midlands Friends of Israel, North West Friends of Israel, North London Friends of Israel, and Glasgow Friends of Israel, is proud to announce the success of its online email writing campaign urging venues to cancel hosting Roger Waters’ performances. This joint effort has already generated over 15,000 emails to be sent to the venues, with the numbers rapidly growing.

Recognising Roger Waters’ well-documented history of antisemitism and his recent stunts that distort Holocaust memory, concerned individuals from diverse communities have rallied together to express their strong opposition to providing a platform for such hateful rhetoric. The campaign’s aim is to prevent venues from inadvertently facilitating the spread of antisemitic views and supporting an artist who promotes discriminatory ideologies.

NJA Chairman and Founder Gary Mond said, “The immense level of support for our campaign demonstrates the real strength of feeling throughout our community that antisemitic and Israel-hating views are unacceptable. Roger Waters’ concerts need to be cancelled forthwith.”

Through collective efforts, the NJA and its partners have effectively engaged supporters across the country, encouraging them to voice their concerns to venues hosting Roger Waters’ performances. The response has been overwhelming, with thousands of passionate individuals taking action and making their voices heard. The National Jewish Assembly and its partner organisations are grateful for the tremendous support received from community members who share a commitment to combating antisemitism and promoting understanding.

By leveraging the power of online activism, the NJA and its partners have mobilised a grassroots movement of concerned citizens who are committed to upholding values of justice, inclusivity, and respect. The response from venues has been notable, with some expressing willingness to reconsider hosting Mr. Waters’ performances in light of the outpouring of public concern.

This successful campaign serves as a testament to the power of collective action in advocating for change. The NJA commends the dedication and involvement of all those who have participated in this campaign, demonstrating their commitment to combating antisemitism and fostering a society that values mutual respect and tolerance.

The National Jewish Assembly, along with its partners, will continue to actively engage venues, raise awareness, and advocate for responsible decision-making that aligns with the principles of justice and inclusivity. The organisations believe that by standing united, our community can make a significant impact in promoting a society free from discrimination, hatred, and divisive ideologies.

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