NJA Denounces Labour’s Reckless Pledge to Recognise Palestinian State

The National Jewish Assembly (NJA) vehemently condemns the Labour Party’s recent pledge to unilaterally recognise a Palestinian state as part of their election manifesto. This irresponsible and misguided promise undermines the peace process and jeopardises Israel’s security by rewarding terrorism and setting a dangerous precedent for terrorist organisations worldwide.

NJA Chairman Gary Mond stated, “Labour’s commitment to recognising a Palestinian state without any guarantees of a genuine peace process is a reckless and dangerous move. It not only disregards Israel’s legitimate security concerns but also emboldens terrorist organisations like Hamas, which continue to pose a significant threat to peace and stability in the region. By legitimising a state that harbours and supports terrorism, Labour is effectively incentivising further violence.”

The Labour manifesto claims that Palestinian statehood is “essential” for Israel’s long-term security. However, this position overlooks the persistent refusal of Palestinian leadership to acknowledge Israel’s right to exist and their continued support for violent actions against Israeli civilians. Recognising a Palestinian state unilaterally would send a message that the UK is willing to abandon its democratic ally in favour of appeasing those who perpetuate conflict.

“Keir Starmer’s Labour Party is making a grave mistake by prioritising political expediency over the principles of fairness and justice,” Mond continued. “The recognition of a Palestinian state should only occur, if it occurs at all, through a negotiated peace process that ensures the security and sovereignty of Israel. Anything less is a betrayal of the values we hold dear and a disservice to the cause of peace.”

Furthermore, Labour’s pledge creates a perverse incentive for other terrorist movements around the world. It signals that by committing acts of terror, these groups can increase their prospects of legitimacy through statehood recognition. This not only undermines international efforts to combat terrorism but also endangers global security.

The NJA remains committed to advocating for policies that support Israel’s right to self-defence and urges voters to carefully consider the implications of Labour’s proposed policies and stand against measures that would compromise the safety and stability of the UK’s democratic ally, Israel.

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