NJA Denounces Dr. Mehmood Jamshed for Dangerous and Antisemitic Comments

The National Jewish Assembly (NJA) strongly condemns the recent comments made by Dr. Mehmood Jamshed, the Workers Party GB candidate for Mitcham and Morden. Dr. Jamshed’s remarks on X are not only deeply offensive but also propagate dangerous misinformation and antisemitic rhetoric.

Dr. Jamshed’s claim that the October 7 massacre by Hamas was a “false-flag operation planned by Israel in which no one actually died” is a blatant distortion of the truth and a gross insult to the victims and their families. Such conspiracy theories are not only unfounded but also serve to spread hatred and division.

NJA Vice Chairman Keith Rowe stated, “Dr. Jamshed’s comments are a reprehensible attempt to rewrite history and deny the suffering of innocent people. His assertion that ‘Zionists are no different from Nazis’ is a vile and baseless comparison that trivialises the Holocaust and the atrocities committed by the Nazi regime. This kind of rhetoric has no place in our society.”

Moreover, Dr. Jamshed’s alignment with far-right influencers such as Jackson Hinkle, Lucas Gage and Anastasia Loupis, as well as his promotion of debunked theories, such as the COVID-19 ‘plandemic’ conspiracy, further discredit his candidacy and call into question his judgement and integrity. His suggestion that the pandemic was orchestrated by figures like Bill Gates is not only false but also dangerous, contributing to public mistrust and potential harm.

The NJA calls on the Workers Party GB and its leader, George Galloway, to unequivocally distance themselves from Dr. Jamshed’s statements and to reconsider his candidacy. “It is imperative that political leaders and parties take a firm stand against antisemitism and all forms of hate speech,” added Rowe. “Allowing such individuals to represent any party is a disservice to the values of democracy and respect.”

The NJA remains committed to fighting antisemitism and promoting truth and justice. We urge all political entities to join us in condemning hate speech and antisemitic rhetoric.

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