National Jewish Assembly Condemns Antisemitic Rhetoric in Recent Tweet By David Miller

The National Jewish Assembly strongly condemns the recent Twitter post by David Miller, a long-standing proponent of anti-Jewish hate, which denigrates the well-documented and persistent issue of antisemitism while promulgating harmful antisemitic stereotypes. The Tweet not only misrepresents the reality of discrimination faced by Jewish communities, but it also advances harmful tropes that have historically been used to target and oppress Jews.

The Tweet’s assertion that “Jews are not discriminated against” blatantly ignores the countless instances of antisemitic incidents, both historical and contemporary, that have left an indelible mark on Jewish communities worldwide, including here in the UK. Antisemitism is a scourge that persists across the globe, and dismissing its impact is deeply irresponsible.

Moreover, the Tweet’s assertion that Jews are “over-represented” in positions of power is an age-old stereotype that has fueled conspiracy theories and hatred for centuries. Blaming Jews for systemic inequalities and implying that they work to undermine marginalised groups is not only false but perpetuates harmful divisiveness.

The NJA is an organisation committed to advocating for the rights and well-being of the Jewish community, and calls on all individuals to reject such harmful rhetoric. Antisemitism, like all forms of bigotry, must be addressed with sensitivity and seriousness. The NJA urges Miller to retract this Tweet and to desists from promulgating anti-Jewish hate.

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