The National Jewish Assembly Commends Labour Friends of Israel for Israel Visit

The NJA commends the UK Labour Friends of Israel for conducting a five-day visit to Israel, led by MP Steve McCabe.

During the visit, MPs met with Israeli President Isaac Herzog, Labor Party chief Merav Michaeli, as well as tech and business leaders in Israel.

Members of the Labour Party also visited Yad Vashem and the Shalva Center in Jersualem – a non-profit organisation that supports and empowers individuals with disabilities and their families.

The visit represents a significant step towards deepening bilateral relations and rehabilitating the Labour Party’s unfortunate flirtations with antisemitism during the Corbyn era.

Chairman and founder of the NJA, Gary Mond, said “Whatever one’s political views, it is in all our interests that LFI is successful. We hope that, in the coming years, and funds permitting, they are able to take many Labour MPs to Israel, giving them the opportunity to meet Israelis from different backgrounds, walks of life, and viewpoints so that the Parliamentary Labour Party will develop a balanced view of the different issues that face Israel and its government.”

Labour Friends of Israel chairman MP Steve McCabe noted, “The Labour Party has returned to its traditional position as being a very good friend and supporter of the State of Israel” and added, “A Keir Starmer-led Labour government will put that as a very high priority, and the people of Israel will be able to rely on it.”

The NJA hopes that the Labour party will continue to rebuild bridges with the Jewish community and Israel, and we look forward to working with our friends in the Labour party to address issues of mutual concern.

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