National Jewish Assembly Commends Foreign Secretary’s statement on ceasefire between Israel and Gaza

The National Jewish Assembly (NJA) commends Foreign Secretary James Cleverly for his recent statement welcoming the ceasefire between Israel and militant factions in Gaza, brokered by Egypt. The NJA appreciates the Foreign Secretary’s commitment to promoting dialogue and seeking a pathway towards sustainable peace in the region.

Israel’s Operation Shield and Arrow has been a critical effort to ensure the safety and security of its people in the face of ongoing threats and attacks. The NJA acknowledges Israel’s commitment to protecting its citizens and commends its efforts to safeguard the well-being of its population.

As an organisation dedicated to combating antisemitism and promoting understanding, the NJA recognises the importance of a peaceful resolution in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The NJA stands in support of all endeavors that foster dialogue, promote tolerance, and create conditions for a lasting peace in the region.

The NJA urges all parties involved to honor the ceasefire and work towards a comprehensive and sustainable resolution that addresses the root causes of the conflict, while respecting the rights and security of both Israelis and Palestinians.

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