NJA Inaugural Chanukah Tea Party at the House of Lords

The NJA was delighted to welcome members of parliament, journalists, NJA members, and supporters from the wider community to its inaugural Chanukah Tea Party. The NJA Chanukah Tea Party celebration was kindly hosted at the House of Lords by Baroness Deech of Cumnor.

Baroness Deech of Cumnor delivering opening remarks.

Baroness Deech delivered opening remarks stating, “I congratulate the Assembly on its growth. Look at the number of people here this afternoon – it’s only been going for seven months, and it has quite a few achievements. It’s opened-up the debate. We were able to have a debate on the Holocaust Memorial – which the Board of Deputies wouldn’t. We’ve had very good meetings with politicians, for example Mark Regev. And just speaking to people now, I see there might be a demand for the NJA to have a debate about the BBC and its coverage of Israel.”

Pictured left to right: NJA Vice Chairman Steven Winston, NJA Chairman Gary Mond, NJA Advisory Board Member Keith Rowe.

Chairman of the NJA Gary Mond said, “The NJA is now seven months old and has some 270 paying members. We are grateful to Baroness Deech for sponsoring this event in the House of Lords and are confident that our membership, and consequently our political influence, will grow substantially in 2023.”

More photos of the afternoon can be viewed here, and a short video can be viewed here.

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