National Jewish Assembly Applauds UK’s UN Security Council Statement, Calls for Stronger Action

The National Jewish Assembly (NJA) commends the United Kingdom government for its recent statement at the United Nations Security Council, addressing pressing issues related to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. While the NJA appreciates the UK government’s efforts in certain areas, it needs to take more assertive action on several critical matters.

Firstly, the NJA joins the UK government in celebrating the third anniversary of the Abraham Accords. The NJA shares in their enthusiasm for the success of these accords and echo their call for additional nations to normalise relations with Israel. Such normalisation can bring concrete benefits to the Palestinian people. However, the NJA urges the UK government to take a stronger stance against the appallingly anti-democratic Palestinian leadership, which has repeatedly delayed elections for 17 years. Genuine democracy is essential for a lasting peace in the region.

Secondly, the NJA appreciates the British Foreign Secretary’s visit to Israel and notes his emphasis on de-escalation and the importance of long-overdue elections in the OPTs is commendable. However, the UK government must be more assertive in condemning Palestinian terrorists operating at the Gaza border. It is crucial to address all aspects of violence to ensure the safety and security of Israeli citizens. The UK government’s statement at the UN failed to note that the overwhelming majority of Palestinian casualties since the beginning of the year have been combatants and members of proscribed terrorist organisations.

Regarding the UK government’s support for UNRWA, the NJA believes that funding must come with strict guardrails. UNRWA has faced damning and credible allegations of corruption and mismanagement, and there is a risk that funding may inadvertently support the Palestinian Authority’s “Pay to Slay” incentives for terrorists.

The National Jewish Assembly appreciates the UK government’s diplomatic efforts but calls for stronger action to address the complex challenges in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The organisation believe that a firm stance against the Palestinians’ anti-democratic leadership and terrorism, and making any funding of UNRWA contingent on implementing strict oversight will contribute to a more secure and peaceful future in the region.

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