National Jewish Assembly applauds Arsenal’s initiative to combat antisemitism

The National Jewish Assembly (NJA) applauds the English Premier League club, Arsenal, for taking a strong stand against antisemitism by launching the “Jewish Gooners” fan affiliate group. The Jewish Gooners will help create a more inclusive environment for Jewish fans and prevent future antisemitic incidents. The NJA is pleased to see that the Community Security Trust and Britain’s antisemitism czar Lord John Mann are also involved in this effort.

This announcement follows Arsenal’s decision to ban 31 fans for three years each due to their abusive and discriminatory behavior, including five incidents of antisemitism. The NJA fully supports Arsenal’s stance in combating antisemitism and ensuring that such incidents do not occur again.

The Jewish Arsenal fans had been in conversation with the club for over two years about creating a Jewish fan group that could also accommodate observant fans who cannot attend matches on Shabbat. The NJA commends Arsenal for taking a proactive approach to make sure that all fans feel welcome and included.

The NJA encourages other football clubs to follow Arsenal’s lead and take a zero-tolerance approach to antisemitism. By creating safe environments for all fans, football clubs can ensure that football remains a sport that brings people together and promotes unity.

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