NJA Appalled by Moski’s Cafe Edinburgh for Discriminatory ‘Zionist Free Zone’ Poster

The National Jewish Assembly (NJA) vehemently condemns Moski’s Sandwich and Juice Bar in Edinburgh for its appalling and discriminatory practice of declaring itself a “Zionist free zone.” The poster in the cafe’s window, which states “declare Leith a Zionist free zone,” is a thinly veiled attempt to exclude Jews under the guise of political expression.

NJA Chairman Gary Mond stating, “This blatant act of discrimination is utterly reprehensible. By targeting ‘Zionists,’ Moski’s is effectively ostracising the vast majority of the Jewish community, given that a significant proportion of Jews identify as Zionist. This is not just an attack on political beliefs but an insidious form of antisemitism.”

The comparison of this sign to historically discriminatory practices is apt. The NJA holds that if this sign targeted any other group—whether LGBTQ+, Black, Muslim, Sikh, or women—there would rightly be an uproar. The same standard must apply here. This poster is a stark reminder of the Nazi policy of Judenfrei and represents a dangerous step backward in the fight against hate and bigotry.

The claim by Moski’s management that they do not discriminate against race, religion, sexual orientation, or nationality is hollow and contradictory in light of their actions.

Mond continued, “The fact that Police Scotland deemed this incident ‘not a hate crime’ is deeply troubling and indicative of a failure to recognise and address modern forms of antisemitism. It is imperative that authorities take this issue seriously and act to protect all citizens from such blatant discrimination.”

The NJA calls on the wider community to join in condemning Moski’s discriminatory practices and to support efforts to foster a more inclusive and respectful society. We also urge Uber Eats and other service providers to cease their association with Moski’s until such discriminatory actions are rectified.

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