National Jewish Assembly Welcomes Sacking Of Antisemitic Journalist Dawn Queva

The National Jewish Assembly (NJA) condemns the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) in the harshest terms for its shocking indifference and tolerance towards blatant antisemitism within its own ranks. The NJA is appalled by the BBC’s egregious failure to promptly address the vile antisemitic posts made by one of its senior employees and demands immediate and decisive action.

The recent revelation, exposed by UK Lawyers for Israel (UKLFI), lays bare the disturbing reality of Dawn Queva, a senior scheduling co-coordinator and playout planner at BBC Three, openly espousing extreme antisemitism on social media platforms.

Dawn Queva, as per her LinkedIn profile, held her BBC position since January 2023, showcasing a career that spanned across influential networks like A+E Networks, UKTV, and Walt Disney. However, her professional achievements are overshadowed by her association with a Facebook page that serves as a breeding ground for venomous antisemitic rhetoric.

The Facebook page, operating under the pseudonym Dawn Las Quevas-Allen, shamelessly propagated classical antisemitic tropes, labeling Jews as “Nazi apartheid parasites,” “thieves,” and “satanists.” It further indulged in the baseless denial of historical connections between Ashkenazi Jews and the land of Israel while fueling absurd conspiracy theories of global Jewish domination. The BBC’s reluctance to unequivocally condemn such hate speech not only tarnishes its reputation but raises alarming questions about its commitment to eradicating antisemitism.

NJA Managing Director Steve Winston commented, “The BBC’s spineless response to this blatant display of antisemitism is an affront to humanity. The BBC has, again, failed in its moral duty to uphold decency and integrity.”

The NJA demands the BBC take immediate and sweeping action to rectify this appalling lapse in judgement. The NJA insists on a thorough internal investigation to identify and root out all instances of antisemitism within the organisation, and correct its editorial bias against Jews and Israel.

The NJA will continue to monitor this situation closely and hold the BBC accountable for past, present, and emergent antisemitism within its ranks.

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