National Jewish Assembly Stages Unprecedented Rally; Demands BBC Calls Hamas a Terrorist Organisation

The National Jewish Assembly (NJA) led a historic demonstration yesterday in front of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) headquarters, demanding the media outlet cease its equivocal language and recognise Hamas as a terrorist organization. Almost 1,500 individuals representing a cross-section of the British community attended, insisting that the BBC uphold journalistic and moral standards.

“The BBC has had no qualms about using the term ‘terrorist’ in different contexts,” said Gary Mond, Chairman of the NJA. “It’s puzzling that they apply a different standard when it comes to Israel. Their hesitancy undermines their credibility.”

This diverse rally united religious and secular groups, young and old, and included Diaspora Jews, Israelis, and members of the Iranian diaspora opposing the Ayatollahs and the IRGC. The event featured a line-up of distinguished speakers: Gary Mond, Gideon Falter (Campaign Against Antisemitism), Jonathan Turner (UK Lawyers for Israel), Asher Edreyi (an IDF veteran), Jonny Gould (Jewish State podcast), Eyal Biton (Reserve Captain in the IDF Special Forces), Andre Walker (Talk TV), Nizza Fluss (Former Borough of Barnet Councillor), Ellie Borhan (Stage of Freedom), Lance Forman (Former Conservative MEP), Hayley Guttman (Christians Against Anti-Semitism), and Rabbi Andrew Shaw (Mizrachi Synagogue).

Each speaker contributed a unique articulation of the necessity for the BBC to refer to Hamas as a terrorist organisation. Musician Ivor Goldberg entertained the crowd with lively renditions of Hebrew classics, before closing the event with God Save the King and Hatikvah.

The NJA’s Steve Winston added, “We are not alone in this struggle. We are strong and resolute against Palestinian terrorism. We urge the BBC to exercise its moral and legal duty by recognising Hamas as a terrorist group. Any failure in this regard would betray the values that the UK and the BBC purportedly stand for.”

The NJA thanks CST and the police for ensuring the safety of the huge number of attendees, and also extends heartfelt gratitude to the donors across our community who contributed supplies for the rally, and the 1,500 individuals who braved the cold to raise their voices for Israel.

The NJA and its supporters stand as a lasting testament to the moral fabric of British society. The NJA vows to continue to support Israel, fight antisemitism, and promote Jewish life in the UK.

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