National Jewish Assembly Raises Alarm After Surge in Antisemitic Incidents Across Europe, The UK, And Elsewhere

The National Jewish Assembly (NJA) expresses its deep concern and condemns in the strongest terms the recent wave of antisemitic incidents that have swept across Europe and the United Kingdom. These incidents, fueled by false reporting and the dissemination of fake news regarding an alleged Israeli airstrike on a Gaza hospital, are a cause for grave alarm.

The NJA stands in solidarity with Jewish communities across Europe and the UK as they face a troubling surge in attacks, incitement, and hostility. Synagogues in Spain and Germany have been targeted, and the number of other antisemitic incidents has risen to unprecedented levels. Between October 7-10 alone, the Community Security Trust (CST) recorded 89 “anti-Jewish hate” incidents and the number continues to steadily rise as the Israel-Hamas war continues.

The NJA is affiliated with the European Jewish Association, who represents numerous Jewish communities across the continent. The NJA echoes their concerns about surging antisemitism on the continent and will endeavour to support the EJA in its efforts to combat this. The situation has reached a critical point, and immediate action is required to ensure the safety and security of Jewish individuals and institutions.

NJA Chairman Gary Mond said, “Our communities are under attack, our synagogues are under threat, and antisemitism has reached shocking proportions. We are facing verbal abuse, physical assaults, and an atmosphere of fear in the streets of Europe and the UK. This is a crisis that demands immediate attention.” Mond added, “It is important to emphasise that these attacks are not about the Israel-Hamas war – they are attacks against Jews everywhere, and they must be unequivocally condemned.”

The NJA also notes with dismay that a historic but defunct synagogue in Al Hammah, Tunisia, was burned down on Tuesday amid mass rioting following the fake news reporting about the alleged airstrike.

The NJA calls on the governments in the UK and across Europe to swiftly and decisively address this alarming situation by providing enhanced security measures and unequivocal condemnation of antisemitic acts. The principle of “Never again” is not a mere slogan; it is a commitment to prevent the repetition of history’s darkest chapter, and that commitment is urgently needed now.

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