National Jewish Assembly Hosts Speaker Series Event with The Rt. Hon. Joan Ryan, CEO of ELNET UK

The National Jewish Assembly (NJA) is delighted to report the triumph of its latest Speaker Series event, featuring a dynamic discussion with The Rt. Hon. Joan Ryan, Chief Executive Officer of ELNET UK. Hosted by Steve Winston, Managing Director of the NJA, the event captivated an audience of 100 guests with its insightful exploration of critical issues affecting the Jewish community in the UK and Europe.

As the CEO of ELNET UK, a non-profit organisation committed to fortifying Europe-Israel relations based on mutual democratic values and strategic interests, Ms. Ryan brought a wealth of experience and knowledge to the conversation. Her valuable insights spanned a variety of pressing concerns, including the safety and political representation of the Jewish community, as well as emerging challenges that the British and European Jewish communities face today, especially in the wake of October 7.

Reflecting on her distinguished 19-year tenure as Labour MP for Enfield North, Ms. Ryan shared personal anecdotes and lessons learned, emphasising the importance of greater integration and the need for robust political education. She passionately argued that such education serves as a crucial defence against forces aiming to dismantle liberal democratic institutions.

The discussion further ventured into Ms. Ryan’s perspectives on fostering stronger bonds between Jewish communities and broader society, highlighting the indispensable role of education and awareness in combating antisemitism.

Attendees participated eagerly in the Q&A session, posing a broad array of questions that reflected their deep engagement and concern for the topics discussed. The range of inquiries, from strategies to counter antisemitism to ways of challenging anti-Israel hate in the political arena and in the media, underscored the community’s active interest in these vital issues.

The NJA extends its gratitude to The Rt. Hon. Joan Ryan for her enlightening contributions and to all who attended for their enthusiastic participation. This event underscores the NJA’s dedication to promoting dialogues that are crucial for the well-being and resilience of the British Jewish community.

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