NJA hosts discussion with Adam Levick, co-editor for CAMERA UK (Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting and Analysis)

The National Jewish Assembly was delighted to host a hybrid in-person and online discussion on 14 September 2022 with guest speaker Adam Levick, Co-Editor for CAMERA UK (Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting and Analysis).

Founded in 1982, CAMERA is committed to fostering rigorous reporting to challenge inaccurate and distorted accounts of events in Israel and the Middle East. CAMERA monitors media in English, Spanish, Arabic, and Hebrew.

Mr Levick addressed dozens of members of the National Jewish Assembly on the topic of ‘Truth and Post-Truth’ in media and the prevalence of falsehoods in reporting about Israel, especially in relation to its self-defence operations.

National Jewish Assembly Advisory Board Member Laurence Julius noted, “CAMERA does excellent work to combat anti-Israel media bias. It is a Herculean task to change the narrative, and the National Jewish Assembly hopes to continue supporting and amplifying CAMERA’s message.”

In his presentation, Mr Levick emphasised the duty of media to conveying factual content, and highlighted the pernicious phenomenon of anti-Israel activism masquerading as journalism in order to advance a false narrative through traditional and social media.

Mr Levick detailed CAMERA’s guiding principles in the effort to combat disinformation in reporting about Israel, and offered several useful and actionable ideas on how individuals can push back against antisemitism and anti-Israel bias in the media.

In addition to detecting inaccurate reporting, Mr Levick encouraged the audience to be vigilant in identifying distorted facts and outright falsehoods about Israel. Mr Levick urged the audience to be vocal in calling-out these inaccuracies in order to hold media accountable to a basic standard of journalistic integrity and accuracy.

Mr Levick examined several valuable case studies of CAMERA’s efforts to push back against anti-Israel media bias and shared his suggestions on how the audience can support these efforts in a private capacity.

Concluding his presentation, Mr Levick touched on CAMERA’s other important work to equip students with information and resources to push back against anti-Israel bias on campus and in the classroom.

The National Jewish Assembly shares CAMERA’s commitment to addressing media bias and we encourage our members to support our ongoing effort to challenge bias against Israel in the media.

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