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November 22, 2023

The death toll in Gaza as a result of Israeli massacres has reached 14,128, nearly 6,000 of whom are children.


Dilly Hussain

November 20, 2023

Israel unequivocally admits to its genocidal intent in Gaza.

proceeds to carry out that genocide in front of the world.

Palestinians call out to Arab leaders and Islamic nations for help.

Muslim Ummah responds with unwavering solidarity.

Muslim rulers and armies?

Mohammed Hijab

November 18, 2023

That’s fantastic news. Make sure that you apply the same discount to the funeral body bags for your terrorist IDF son Mendy. Promo-code Human-shield.

Hamza A. Tzortzis

November 6, 2023

It is now quite obvious that Israel are using the excuse of fighting Hamas to intensify their ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people. They are now in a new phase of their 75 years of illegally occupying Palestine: genocide.

Over 10,000 people have been killed. Over 4,000 have been children.

Subboor Ahmad

November 6, 2023

🇵🇸 *THE GREAT GAZA BETRAYAL: What Now for Muslim Politics in the UK* 🇵🇸

British Political Parties 🇬🇧 have *failed* the Muslim community over Israel’s war on Gaza/Palestine just as they did over 🇮🇶 Iraq. Muslims are *outraged* at the behaviour of political leaders and their parties, and many are considering resignation ❌

Can Muslim politics ever be the same again and many ask where we go from here. In this wide-ranging discussion, *Jahangir Mohammed* and *Yahya Birt* of the Ayaan Institute look to the future of Muslim politics.

*The discussion will focus on:*
1️⃣ Understanding British politics and achieving change
2️⃣ The failure of Muslim identity-based representational politics/Muslim MPs
3️⃣ Smart voting and the lesser of two evils
4️⃣ Should Muslims vote in the next election and who for?
5️⃣ Can Muslim communities ever break free from the Labour Party?
6️⃣ How do we generate power and achieve change in modern Britain
7️⃣ Next steps

Join us for this not-to-be-missed discussion.

*Date:* Thursday, 9th November
*Time:* UK 7pm / USA 3pm



October 21, 2023

In Britain, you can call Gaza a “concentration camp” and speak warmly of the founder of Hamas. While raising funds for a registered charity (1095626).

A scene from Masjid-e-Umar in Bradford, 21 October.

Earlier, he said “Hamas is part of the people and the people are Hamas”.

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